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**Comes in 4 pieces (2 small & 2 large)**


🔘 ADJUSTABLE SIZING – BunBun Bands allow you to get the Perfect Fit every time. **In order to reduce snagging while adjusting, always stretch band so bead is AWAY from hair and scalp first. While stretched, our cushions disappear allowing the bead to move freely**

🔘 EXTREME STRETCH – Our premium elastic bands are super stretchy and can fit around the biggest and thickest of hairs. There’s no hairdo we can’t do.

🔘 SOFTNESS AND COMFORT – Not only do BunBun bands provide the ultimate hold, they provide the ultimate SOFT hold. Our headbands are made of soft cushions that protect and support hair while reducing scalp tension & pain. BunBun Bands are also the perfect sleep-in hair accessory allowing you to rest comfortably all night and wake up without any creasing.

🔘 WON’T BREAK OR STRETCH OUT – BunBun Bands are extremely durable and strong.

🔘 PRACTICAL, QUICK & EASY – Save time and energy with the future of headbands / hair ties. BunBun Bands will improve your hairdos, comfort level and most importantly, save you time & aggravation. They are quick, easy and you’ll never leave home without them.

BunBun Bands

SKU: EM0062
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